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The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes

On June 17-19, 2016, The Norwegian Explorers of Minnesota and the Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections at the University of Minnesota will hold a conference to explore aspects of The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes. Conference sessions will take place at The Commons Hotel on the University of Minnesota campus.

Many avid Sherlockians will recognize the illustration of Holmes, done by Frederic Dorr Steele, and the distintive typeface of the conference name in our logo. The logo hearkens to the dust jacket of an anthology of the same name edited by Ellery Queen and published in 1944. Note that while our conference may touch on that landmark anthology, it will also cover many other aspects of the broad world of Sherlockiana that could be considered "misadventures."

The conference will feature presentations by a stellar group of Sherlockians, vendor tables, an exhibit of rare and unique materials from the Collections, a dramatic performance by the Red-Throated League of the Norwegian Explorers, and the Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections at the University of Minnesota -- the world’s largest collection of Sherlock Holmes-related material.

For more details, including information on lodging and transportation, see the PDF registration form (right-click to download)

Marino Alvarez, B.S.I.
Zach Dundas
Soren Eversoll
David Haugen
Michael Kean, B.S.I.
Bill Mason, B.S.I.
Steve Mason
Charles Prepolec
Betsy Rosenblatt, B.S.I.
Monica Schmidt
Vince Wright
Donald Zaldin, B.S.I.

(Additional speakers will be listed as they are confirmed.)

Thursday June 16 -
8:30 am - 4:30 pm - The exhibit "The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes" will be open at the Elmer Andersen Library.

7:30 - 10 pm - Opening reception at The Commons Hotel, 2nd floor near The Meridian Ballroom. Cash bar and light appetizers will be available.
                 Registration will be open for the conference attendees.

Friday June 17 -
8:30 am - 4:30 pm - The exhibit "The Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes" will be open at the Elmer Andersen Library.

11:00 am - 1 pm - Conference registration on the 2nd floor of The Commons Hotel.

1:15pm - Opening remarks by the conference co-chairs, followed by presentations
                 Silent Auction begins.

1:30 pm - Bill Mason

2:30 pm - Vince Wright

3:30 pm - Marino Alvarez

4:45 pm - Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections - Snack Break

5:15 pm - Friends of the Sherlock Holmes Collections Meeting, Open to all. Short business meeting and presentation by Michael Hancher, Ph.D.

Saturday June 18 -
9 am - David Haugen

10 am - Monica Schmidt

11 am - Betsy Rosenblatt

12 noon - 2 pm - Lunch break; box lunch included with registration fee.

2 pm - Steve Mason

3 pm - Zach Dundas

4 pm - Donny Zaldin

6:30 pm Cash Bar Opens

7 pm - Banquet; included with registration fee. Michael Kean is the guest speaker. There will be a live auction conducted by Peter Blau.

1. Ex Libris A. Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes by Walter Klinefelter. Black Cat Press, 1938. 250 copies. David Hammer copy. Auction est. $60 – 160

2. The Whole Art of Detection. Black Cat Press, [1968]. Miniature Book. Set of Unbound, uncut/unopened page proofs. Duplicate set from John Bennett Shaw, who was the compiler. Introduction by Vincent Starrett. 64 pages. Auction est. $100 – 200

3. The Whole Art of Detection. Prospectus. Also done in miniature. 3 copies, 2 with Shaw address label, 1 is unmarked. Could be auctioned as a group or separately. 1 sheet as 4 pages. Auction est. $20 - 120 each or $60 – 160 as a group

4. Unpopular Opinions by Dorothy L. Sayers. London: Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1946. David Hammer copy—duplicate. Auction est. $25 – 125

Sunday June 19 -
9:15 am - Kathy Moran

9:30 am - Soren Eversoll
                 Silent auction concludes after his presentation.

10:30 am - Charles Prepolec

11:30 pm - The Red-Throated League of the Norwegian Explorers will present a radio play scripted by Edith Meiser.

12:30 pm - Conference concludes with closing remarks.

The registration fee of $215 per person includes all presentations, Saturday lunch and banquet dinner, refreshments at breaks and conference keepsakes. Additional Saturday evening banquet dinners for guests are $55 per person. Please make your check payable to "The Norwegian Explorers" and return it with your filled out PDF registration form no later than May 25, 2016 to the address on the form.

Or, register via PayPal by selecting the number of registrations, and additional banquet dinners if applicable, and clicking the Pay Now button(s) below.
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